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Dan talks about the time he made out with a girl who smokes.

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ziam liam gets zayn tickets to see his favourite artist/game and backstage passes thanks :)

"oh my god, li." eyes comically wide, and mouth open. My smile breaks as he snatches the tickets out of my hand, nearly squealing.

"this…this is amazing." the hand holding the tickets drops to his side as he looks up at me. The look in his eyes, you would’ve thought i found the cure to cancer. 

"i got backstage passes too." i add on.

Two seconds flat.

It’s the time it takes for my body to react after being tackeled with a hug. 

"you’re the best." Zayn whispers. And yeah, going through the trouble to get backstage passes was totally worth it. 

"get going, we’re leaving in twenty minutes." I slip a kiss to the top of his head, loving that he just snuggles further into my arms.


"can’t you drive faster?" zayn’s whining and we both know it. 

"I’m going two over the speed limit." I say glancing down at the gadge. 

"and three more wouldnt kill you." he grumbles.

"well it could actually." zayn leaves it after that, slumping down in the passengers seat, waiting silently. 


"is that it? are we here? liam thats it!" I shoot him a smile as i park the car a mile down the road from the venue. 

"we’ll walk down there, ya know, avoid crowds." Zayn nods, pulling on the sleeve of my jumper till i raise my eye brow at him.

"can we run?" i just laugh, reaching over zayn to push his passenger side door open. 

"out" he can’t get out fast enough, even running over to my side to beg me to go faster. When i shoot him a look he smiles sheepishly.

"im excited, thats all." 

"then what are you waiting for? lets go." his hand finds mine, pulling me along for the first few steps before we settle at the same pace. 


we have to release hands the second we knock on the back door of the venue. We’re greated by a tour manager, one close to paul that helped me get the tickets. 

"liam, zayn, right this way."

It’s loud. noisey. hectic. its perfect.

zayn gets to meet the act that he hasnt shut up about since last march. I try not to laugh when he fangirls. Half the time i cant feel my arm cause he’s gripping so hard so that he can hold in the squeals. 

we end up sitting down on stage right, our tighs touching, smiles identical.

the best part is the way the stage lights flash across zayns face. unlike when we’re on stage, now i can sit back and just watch. the expressions, the fondness. A look that he’s been giving me for weeks now. jealously turns in my stomach at the fact that these unknown people diserve the same look. 

"zayn?" i yell, over the music. His eyes are hooked for a second before he looks over at me. Its the look he gives me. Blues and reds flashes over his face, eyes devoted to anything i’d ask. Its that look, that makes me think of every video game I’ve ever played. Game over, flashing across my mind. 

My eyes close, and lips meet lips. Slow, soft, like im breathing him in. His hand rests on my chest, pushing me away softly. I keep my lips a centimeter away from, feeling like im being torn in every way.

"zayn, im-"

"no, later, just not here-" im nodding swiftly, pulling away and opening my eyes. He doesnt seem mad, fine actually. 

i dont know what to do, so i look back at the band, watching the show. i dont miss the way zayn’s hands tangle together in his lap, a nervous habbit he’s had for as long as i can remember. 

time goes too quickly. 

"that was great. thank you, liam." my head snaps up at him, trying to read his face like a book.

"yeah, of course." i say back, nodding my head like im a broken bobble head doll.

"hey, we’re okay." he promises. i nod, and he takes my hand. I dont believe a word he said. If I’m not okay, how can we be okay? 


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The Queens have matching cars, how sassy.


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Interviewer: You guys do have a very loyal following…what’s the secret?

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